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What You're Doing Tonight: 1/6

24 hours of 'Psycho,' a midtown blues summit, and the inescapable Malcolm Gladwell



    What You're Doing Tonight: 1/6
    Universal Studios
    The Guggenheim presents 'Psycho' as you've never seen it before -- for 24 straight hours.

    BLOODY BRILLIANT: This one's kind of hard to describe, but in a nutshell, Scottish artist Douglas Gordon's revisiting of Hitchcock's Psycho involves split screens, film at a third the speed, and scenes played backwards. No-one expects you to stay for the entire daylong 24 Hour Psycho Back and Forth and To and Fro, but even a snippet of this work (presented at the Guggenheim) is trippy in the best way. Starts at 10AM for 24 hours.

    BUZZY: Malcolm Gladwell owns 2009, the book industry, and you. Go hear him talk about his book Outliers -- which, if you've been AWOL for a while, involves his analysis of the conditions of extraordinary success -- at the 92nd St. Y as part of the Giants of Science series. 8PM.

    BLUESY: A who's who of current blues musicians (including Saron Crenshaw and Junior Mack) comes together as the Harlem Blues Project collective at B.B. King's for what will undoubtedly be a badass throwdown of the highest caliber (and gospelly Alexis P. Suter joins). 7:30PM.