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Tonight: World Record Appreciation Society

Want to see someone attempt "Tallest Drawing Of A Midget" Or "Most Tootsie Rolls Eaten In One Minute"? This event's for you.



    Tonight: World Record Appreciation Society
    Oskay/Flickr Creative Commons
    How many Tootsie Rolls can you eat in one minute?

    At the L.E.S.' Pianos tonight, the World Record Appreciation Society (yes, you may have heard of them -- they were just featured on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon) brings together would-be record-holders (plus host Jessi Klein of Best Week Ever fame), all hoping to end the night with their name etched in history. Anyone can build a really tall building or throw a javelin; tonight will see some truly amazing feats attempted. Just a smattering of world records you could witness in person:

    Tallest Drawing Of A Midget
    Most Tweets To MC Hammer (@mchammer) In One Minute
    Most High Fives While An Audience Recites The Pledge Of Allegiance
    Longest Flute Trill
    Most Times Unzipping Someone Else's Pants In One Minute
    Fastest Time To Cry
    Most Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Chicken-Pecked Off A Table In One Minute
    Most Tootsie Rolls Eaten In One Minute

    World Record Appreciation Society, 3/25, 7-10PM; Pianos, 158 Ludlow Street, 212-505-3733.