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Tonight: The Meaning of Fluff

Foodie types deconstruct and pay respect to that mainstay of lunchbox cuisine: Marshmallow Fluff



    Tonight: The Meaning of Fluff
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    Marshmallow Fluff: A milestone of lowbrow eats.

    Think Marshmallow Fluff doesn't have a spot in the pantheon of world cuisine? The editors of Gastronomica magazine beg to differ. They're organizing a Fluff forum tonight, where you can learn all about the origins and making of Fluff from Gastronomica's Darra Goldstein, and then discuss its weighty cultural implications while you taste Fluff-based hors d'oeuvres and even a Fluff cocktail (Flufftail?). Will it ever replace roquefort or truffle oil? probably not. But then you can't make Rice Krispie treats with truffle oil.

    Marshmallow Fluff: A Gastronomica Forum
    Tuesday 5/26, 8:30PM
    Astor Center, 399 Lafayette Street at 4th Street
    (212) 674-7501 $25
    More Info: Astor Center website