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Cartoons From Hell

Program of animated shorts at 92YTribeca tonight proves that not all cartoon characters are fluffy and cuddly and cute



    Cartoons From Hell
    Patrick Smith
    Patrick Smith's evil 'Puppet' is no Lambchop.

    If your idea of a cartoon good time involves sparrows perching on a princess’ finger and trilling their sweet birdsong, the 92YTribeca’s Cartoons From Hell is not – repeat, not – for you.

    In a special program of nine ‘evil short films’ curated by animator Patrick Smith, the cartoon world s a dark, twisted place. The truth is revealed about Santa Claus’ hidden past (‘Santa: The Fascist Years’). A possessed, sadistic sock puppet turns against its creator (‘Puppet’). And then there’s one simply described as ‘A kid. A babysitter. An explosive sneeze. Google it.’ (‘Down to the Bone’). You’ll never be able to look at Bambi the same way again.

    Cartoons From Hell
    Friday July 24, 8PM
    92YTribeca, 200 Hudson Street near Vestry Street; 212.601.1000
    More information and tickets here