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Tonight: 2010 Bacon & Bourbon Expo

They’re brown. They’re smoky. There’ll be lots of both.



    Tonight: 2010 Bacon & Bourbon Expo
    witigonen/Flickr Creative Commons 2.0
    Not pictured: Bourbon.

    Perhaps one day soon there’ll be a time when a week can go by without there being an event centered around bacon or bourbon—or at least when news of one doesn’t pre-zing our tastebuds with anticipatory glee.

    This is not that day.

    At the Astor Center’s 2010 Bacon & Bourbon Expo, spend three blissful hours quaffing the dark stuff (10-year Eagle Rare, Black Maple Hill, Four Roses Single Barrel, Tuthilltown and many more) with one hand while you use the other to sample artisanal bacons from the likes of D’Artagnan, Benton's and Nueske's. Also? A primer on fat-washing, which is how they get bourbon to taste like bacon. Yep. Fat-washing. Know it.

    The 2010 Bacon & Bourbon Expo
    Thursday, March 25; 5-8PM
    The Astor Center, 399 Lafayette Street; 212-674-7501
    More information at