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The Golden Local Meets the Golden Dream

It was destiny



    The Golden Local Meets the Golden Dream
    Kate Lord
    The people have spoken: 230 Fifth is New York's best rooftop bar.

    It’s July in New York City, the dog days of summer, and yours truly, the GL, is looking to unwind after a long day.  I’m in no mood to be indoors, in some stuffy overcrowded pub -- no, it’s time to experience libations in the outdoor jungle of Manhattan…and there’s no better place to relax in the urban setting than on a rooftop bar. 

    This go-round of the Golden Local competition, we sought out the best of the best, and the winner was 230 Fifth, which beat out its very stylish and formidable competitor, Hudson Sky Terrace.

    230 Fifth is no ordinary watering hole.  It is a place to see and be seen, and the sights both in and around the bar were something to behold. 

    First of all, the view is spectacular -- nestled high above the streets, in and among some of the most powerful and beautiful skyscrapers in the cityscape.  The owner, Steven Greenberg, met us at the door, and gave us a tour of his oasis among the granite and steel. 

    The bar has an almost tropical feel, with many different exotic plants lining the bar and seating areas, as well as the wood and bamboo seating and décor.  Steven doesn’t like to travel, so he built his own personal “island getaway” in New York’s skyline.  And of course, the crowd itself is beautiful as well -- it’s where the movers and shakers in the city like to kick back after a day of work…and make a few deals as well. 

    Steven insisted we try the signature drink called (drum roll please) “the Golden Dream.”  I kid you not -- it seemed fated for the GL to put his stamp of approval on the joint.  The first sip was heaven -- “like a creamsicle with booze in it,” said the bartender.  It was a wonderfully refreshing summer taste. As the night wore on, the surrounding buildings cast a golden glow over 230 Fifth. 

    With a smile on my face, and a stagger in my step, I bid adieu to this most swanky sanctuary in the sky.