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The Golden Local Celebrates the Last Golden Rays

Sheep Meadow wins "Best Sunbathing Park" in New York



    The Golden Local Celebrates the Last Golden Rays
    Kate Lord
    New Yorkers chose Central Park's Sheep Meadow over Hudson River Park for the city's best sunbathing.

    Oh no, is it the end of summer already?

    With Labor Day weekend now a fleeting memory, it seems like only yesterday I was hanging up my trademark black ski cap and golden leg warmers, and slipping into my golden swim trunks and flip flops.

    Well, before Mother Nature decided to whip us back into shape, it was time to pose one last summertime query.

    As the last rays of golden sunshine fell over the city, yours truly, the GL, decided to check out which spot is tops for sunbathing in the Big Apple.

    The Golden Local Winner for Best Sunbathing Park: Sheep Meadow

    [NY] The Golden Local Winner for Best Sunbathing Park: Sheep Meadow
    The Golden Local journeys to the legendary Sheep Meadow, in Central Park, to bestow upon it a most precious honor. For more information on the park and how you can help with the recovery from massive storm damage in August, go to
    (Published Monday, Sept. 14, 2009)

    True, many New Yorkers flock out of town during the summer months for various sun filled activities -- but we locals here in the city know our concrete beaches are just fine.

    And of course our beautiful parks… this time, the debate pitted the majestic greenery Sheep Meadow against the city filled views of Hudson River Park.

    The winner by a landslide was Sheep Meadow in Central Park, a spot it turns out that is famous not only in the city, but all around the country (and the world) for it’s sunbathing prowess. 

    As we strolled through the hillside and soaked in some Vitamin D, we met folks from around the city taking one last siesta before the chill of Fall is set upon us.

    Among them, a girl from St. Louis, several lads from the north of England, and a gentleman who biked all the way from the Upper East Side

    Well, tourists may come and go, but New Yorkers don’t travel east to west for just anything, so this had to be the top spot for sunning in the city.

    As the families frolicked, and the singles were mingling, I decided to stop and sit in the grass and bask in the golden rays of summer one last time. 

    As I gazed upon the buildings which outline the meadow, and felt the golden sun warm my face, my thoughts turned to the memories of summer -- of BBQs and outdoor concerts, sidewalk cafes and rooftop bars, fun with friends and family… and then I remembered how beautiful this park looks covered in snow.