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The Bravery Battle 'Swine Flu' but Play On

Drugged up and decked out in white, Sam Endicott soldiered on



    The Bravery Battle 'Swine Flu' but Play On
    Adam Desiderio

    In the latest swine flu saga, Sam Endicott, frontman of New York's new wave rockers, The Bravery took the stage last night at Terminal 5 despite feeling ill from the virus.

    "I got the f---ing swine flu," Endicott apologetically said to his fans -- most of which showed up only minutes before the headliners hit the stage. "I was just at the doctor getting cortisone shots."

    Drugged up and decked out in white, it was hard to believe the shaggy-haired vocalist was sick at all, opening with "Unconditional" and "No Brakes" off the bands 2005 self-titled debut. Only six shows into a month-and-a-half--long tour with The Dusty’s and Living Things, The Bravery were primed to play, pausing only briefly for Endicott’s S.E. Hinton shout-out to Ponyboy and Sodapop – characters from The Outsiders, which inspired the track, "Time Won't Let Me Go."

    The band broke from older songs like "Public Service Announcement" and "Angelina" off 2007's "The Sun and The Moon" to test out tracks from their forthcoming release, "Stir The Blood," which Endicott described to as "darker than the others with angrier undertones."

    Like the fast and obviously angry, "Hate F---," and "Slow Poison," a synth-pop song set to be the first single off the groups new record. "I wrote 'Slow Poison' about being away from someone and missing someone that you can't be with and how it's slowly killing you," Endicott told us.

    Guitarist and sometimes second drummer, Michael Zakarin got the crowd-clapping all night to songs like "Believe," which Endicott dedicated to former Brooklyn bar, Magnetic Field. "The bar is gone now sadly," Endicott said of his favorite watering hole. "But the song is still here."

     And so was The Bravery's breakout track, "An Honest Mistake," which finished off the bands hour-long set. But even though they followed up the fan fave with a three-song encore, which included "Fearless," and the somber acoustic song, "The Ocean," it was clear the 2005 hit single was the song everyone was waiting to hear.   

    ***Stir The Blood hits store on November 10 through Island/Def Jam Records