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Supreme Trading Ollies into 'Green' Club World



    Supreme Trading Ollies into 'Green' Club World
    Courtesy Greenhouse
    Greenhouse NYC is just like Mother Nature would make.

    Environmentally conscious candy ravers will soon have an alternative to Greenhouse, the first LEED certified night club in New York City, which opened last year. Supreme Trading, the shuttered concrete box of a nightclub in Williamsburg where skate rats could listen to hip hop whilst sipping over-priced cocktails and feel hard is poised to re-open under the guise of “eco-friendly.” Grub Street reports that there will be wood floors and also “Green features.” Vague much, Supreme? There will also be room enough to skate. Well, thank god. What club could compete with guys in skinny jeans and sweaty V-neck T-shirts trying to do ollies?

    Will such features compete with Greenhouse? It could prove to be difficult, unless of course Supreme has a staplegun and an account at any party goods store. Greenhouse, you see, stapled neon-green plastic leaves to their walls, which makes you think of trees. They also sell organic vodka that comes in re-usable bottles and the bars themselves are made from recycled glass and hung plastic icicles from the ceiling that flash green. Overall, it feels like a crappy club, but a crappy club that Jersey girls canget drunk and feel good about it. Soon hopefully, hipsters too can experience the same peace of mind.