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Peruvian Psychedelic Pop Invades Roosevelt Island



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    Chicha Libre is just one of the bands looking to bring some street cred to Roosevelt Island this summer.

    Get your morning scoop on a Bolt Bus to Baltimore, Roosevelt Island's new website, grass-murdering city maintenance workers, a crippled rail system and Las Vegas' dirty tricks in today's local blog round-up.

    • The word in Bolt Bus Land has it that between May 7th and 10th, riders headed to Baltimore will fork over just $1. It's to introduce the Buseratti to the new stop on the path to D.C. [Mr NYC]
    • With a new website detailing the performers headed to this summer's Roosevelt Island summer concert series, the overlords of the island are hoping this might be their year for a favorable public perception. [Roosevelt Island 360]
    • City maintenance trucks and their occupants working along Ocean Parkway recently felt no need to use the roads, and "left a deep tire tread" in the grass alongside the pavement. In the end, this will just cost the city more money to repair, which, y'know, might end up being in their interest after all. A vicious cycle? [Ditmas Park]
    • Researchers working with computer simulations ran tests on the country's major railway yards and realized that a flu pandemic would absolutely cripple the system. In a worst case scenario, this would cause the flow of goods - food, supplies and even face masks - to a deadly crawl. [Wired, via Animal]
    • Las Vegas' New York, New York casino and hotel is trying to steal our tourists by promising, "All the fun of New York without the hot garbage smell." Right, and the smell of regret, old cigars and broken dreams is any better? [Copyranter]