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No Sex in Little Branch's Champagne Room



    No Sex in Little Branch's Champagne Room
    Carlo Allegri/Getty Images
    The secret of Little Branch's hidden private room is out.

    Little Branch, the subterranean West Village speakeasy from Milk & Honey's Sasha Petraske, has a big $400-an-hour secret. For the past three years the club has been operating a secret second floor room, as reported by Downbythehipster and Urban Daddy.

    Well, maybe it's not exactly a secret let out, but more like what passes for promotion from Petraske, who runs pseudo-private clubs in New York and London and attempts to cloak them in a mystique of exclusivity. The swanky bar may well have been having trouble filling the pricey private room, which comes equipped with a private bartender. The main bar is literally underground, so stairs to the secret space, hidden behind a black curtain, lead up to the main floor, where patrons can scoff at the suckers packed elbow-to-elbow beneath them. If you ask us, it sounds like sort of a bull-market thing to do.