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Meet Your Mate and Their Mutt

"Yappy Hour" in Manhattan



    Meet Your Mate and Their Mutt
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    Paris Hilton and her ex.

    "Meet the Parents." Check. But, "Meet the Pets?"

    One expert says that's just as important when finding a mate.

    Prospective lovers, and pet-lovers in general, will mingle at a pre-Valentine benefit at a Manhattan hotel tonight. Wendy Diamond, author of "It's A Dog's World," created "Yappy Hour" in 2001. The singles parties for people and dogs raise awareness for animal rescue.

    No dog date? No worries. You can "rent" a canine escort for a donation.

    Diamond also has tips for wooing a pet lover. For instance: Bring a squeaky toy along with the wine or flowers. Make eye contact with your date, but not with the pet. Some animals consider that a threat.