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Jews & Chinese Food: A Love Affair

These yuletide mainstays go together like white and rice -- Jennifer 8. Lee examines why



    Jews & Chinese Food: A Love Affair
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    Chinese food, the "chosen food of the chosen people."

    “Why is chow mein the chosen food of the chosen people?” Thus quoth Jennifer 8. Lee, New York Times metro reporter, author of "The Fortune Cookie Chronicles." Lee is the debut subject of the 92 Street Y’s new 92Y Fridges webiseries, in which iceboxes of the rich (but only by other cities’ standards) and semi-famous are pried open and filmed to fulfill all your little voyeuristic tendencies. (Check it out here.)

    As half the city prepares, in time-honored tradition, to hit their local Grand Szechuan on Christmas Day, Lee cooks up a lecture on the strange love affair between Jews and Chinese food, looking at examples through history such as “pastrami egg rolls, Hanukkah fortune cookies and bagels in Beijing.” A (kosher!) Chinese buffet accompanies the lecture.

    Jews and Chinese Food: A Love Affair
    Sunday, December 20, 7PM
    Buttenwieser Hall, 92 Street Y, 1395 Lexington Avenue, 212-415-5500
    More information and tickets