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Getting To Carnegie Hall

How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?



    Getting To Carnegie Hall
    There's more than way to get to Carnegie Hall. Now, you can add the interwebs to that list.

    How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?

    Submit A Video To YouTube

    The old adage goes: How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice, practice, practice.

    In the electronic age it’s now probably better to respond: upload, upload, upload.

    YouTube Symphony

    [NY] YouTube Symphony
    The old adage goes: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice, right.In the electronic age it?s now probably better to say: upload, upload, upload.
    (Published Thursday, April 16, 2009)

    On Wednesday night an assortment of musicians took to the stage at Carnegie Hall as part of the first ever YouTube Symphony Orchestra.  Artists from across the globe – from Azerbaijan to Washington state – were assembled based on auditions submitted through

    After a months long selection process, including online voting, a panel of knowledgeable judges chose the final orchestral participants.

    Maestro Michael Tilson Thomas lead the near 80 musicians in a piece entitled Internet Symphony No. 1 “Erotica” by Tan Dun – composed especially for the occasion.  Pieces by Mozart, Bach, Brahms and others were also played.

    The competition may be a short cut for some music lovers -- though, we’re pretty sure they still had to practice quite a bit.