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Five Things to Know About: Mayahuel

Do you want to disappear into the catacombs of a zigurrat and sip tequila into the night? Us too! Meet you at Mayahuel, the East Village's new, unofficially open tequila temple



    Five Things to Know About: Mayahuel
    Mayahuel: One of the city's sexiest new tequileries.

    1. The bar, a bi-level space on East 6th Street, is named after Mayahuel, the Aztec goddess of fertility whose grave gave root to the agave plant (but you totally knew that already). The vibe is exotic and nook-and-cranny-esque, with low-lit pockets and booths here and there, and it does feel like you're boozing it up in some sort of Aztec temple.

    2. You'll find a couple dozen drinks made with mezcal and tequila (over at Gothamist, they have the recipe for his refreshingly summery Watermelon Sugar and another drink made with lapsong tea-infused tequila). Beer-based concoctions and fruity delights like sangria round out the offerings.

    3. These concoctions are poured straight from the genius mind of cocktail guru Philip Ward, the man behind the exquisite libation menu at Death & Co. down the street (yep, Mayahuel is brought to you by two of Death & Co.'s owners, who are keeping it local).

    4. There's a bar menu of small plates (small plates are mandatory nowadays, right? you're not allowed to open a bar without them), including empanadas, taquitos stuffed with slow-braised pork (another must-have) or grilled shrimp, tamales involving (among other things) chorizo, and addictively spicy popcorn.

    5. When you go, head straight for the cozy, downstairs booths. Peek inside with this gallery from Gothamist and you'll know just what we mean.