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Finally, Foreclosure on Mansion



    Finally, Foreclosure on Mansion
    Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images
    The real classy scene at Mansion.

    The nightclub Mansion, in the largest club space in Manhattan, has called it quits. After pouring nearly $3 million into curtains, disco ball chandeliers, glass enclosed fire places and purple lighting, the Miami Mansion team who took over the Chelsea space that had housed Crobar made one of their first official actions to ban Alegria, the popular gay party. Their next, equally tone-deaf move was to fill in the dance floor with a bottle service area staffed by waitresses in French maid outfits—if only it were 2001 that might have seemed like a good idea at first. It comes as no shock to anyone that now, about a year after opening, the bankrupt Mansion has flipped. The only real surprise is that it took so long.

    The newly rechristened M2, run by Joey Morrissey, will once again be home to Alegria, and according to Page Six, Ministry of Sound will kick off a new monthly party at the space next Friday. Seems like things are back to normal, but where are all those French maids going to end up?