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Day Trips Down the Delaware

(and all you need to bring is sunscreen)



    Day Trips Down the Delaware
    Urban Escapes
    Yes, adults can do this, too.

    The mercury is pushing 90 this weekend with August-worthy humidity. Instead of sweating it out in the city, why not spend a day drifting down the Delaware River?

    We know what you're thinking -- struggling to strap a kayak to the top of a double-parked Zip car while being honked at by angry cabbies takes all the leisure out of a leisure trip. Give me a Bloody Mary and a sidewalk cafe, you say.

    But this weekend all you have to do is show up at Port Authority with a bottle of sunscreen and that pair of aqua socks you've been dying to wear again. Urban Escapes, a company that makes it easy for public transportation-dependant city dwellers to see a bit of wilderness from time to time, is hosting two trips this weekend that combine two of summers best things: water and booze.

    On Sunday, paddle down the Delaware (the body of water that serves as a boundary between New Jersey and Pennsylvania) towards a vineyard in the Pocono Mountains, where a picnic lunch and private winetasting will be waiting.

    If you think a tall, cold IPA is better than a glass of rosé to end the day (and you don't mind getting wet), they have a trip for you, too.  Satuday, a day on an inner  tube ends with a trip to a local brewery where you'll get a tour and yes, a glass of beer.

    Both trips will get you back in the city just in time for sundown. Reserve your spot here.