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9/30: Burlesque Fest Kickoff, Dinosaur BBQ Reopens…

…and Union Square’s history in 1000 images



    9/30: Burlesque Fest Kickoff, Dinosaur BBQ Reopens…
    Nisha Sondhe
    Brown Girls Burlesque are on the bill at the opening night of the 2010 NY Burlesque Festival.

    GRINDHOUSE: Tonight through Sunday, nearly 100 performers from exotic lands like Japan and Minnesota will strut their stuff for the 8th Annual New York Burlesque Festival, four nights of glove-peeling, tassel-twirling, bump-and-grind hoopla you’d be just plain dumb to miss. Tonight, Brooklyn Bowl hosts the kickoff Teaser Party, with 20 or so acts—including local favorites Brown Girls Burlesque and tapper extraordinaire Gin Minsky—as none other than Questlove heads up the DJ crew. 8PM.

    MOVEABLE FEAST: On Monday, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que  shuttered its 131st Street location (Columbia needed more room, apparently). Tonight, it reopens nearby, in a former meatpacking facility at 125th Street and 12th Avenue. Stop by the 7200-square-foot space for a blissfully unchanged menu, turned out by new smokers that Dino’s crew have been lovingly seasoning with smoke all month long.

    SQUARE PEGGED: It may now house a Forever 21 and a (shudder) Babies R Us, but Union Square’s history is a rich one. James Isaiah Gabbe delved into the last 300 years of defining moments and personalities to create the documentary The Universe of Union Square: At the Heart of New York’s Progressive Soul. He comes to Barnes & Noble (where else?) Union Square to present the accompanying book, a pictorial history with nearly 1000 images. 7PM.