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9/28: “Girls Gone Weill”

= 12 ladies with squeezeboxes, plus Cyndi Lauper x Melinda Doolite and more



    9/28: “Girls Gone Weill”
    Main Squeeze Orchestra
    The Main Squeeze Orchestra tackles the music of Kurt Weill at (Le) Poisson Rouge.

    DANKE SCHOEN: The Main Squeeze Orchestra – a dozen young ladies who’ve been reviving the lost art of the accordion since 2002, when they began applying its unmistakable tones to tunes by Madonna and Queen – comes to (Le) Poisson Rouge with a night of high Germanic drama via the songs of Kurt Weill. So naturally, they’re calling it Girls Gone Weill. 6:30PM.

    WAR AND ALL: There are those who find “The English Patient,” Anthony Minghella’s adaptation of the Michael Oondatje WWII novel about a man’s betrayal of country because of lurve, to be one of the most glorious epics committed to film. And then there are those who would rather watch a double feature of “Ishtar” and “Showgirls,” while having their gums scraped. If you fall in the former group, revisit the film at BAM, where it screens as part of the Rendez-Vous With Juliette Binoche (who won a Supporting Actreee Oscar for her role) retrospective at 7PM.

    MOTLEY CREW: What’s this? Cyndi Lauper is hosting a night of cabaret featuring vocalists like Am-Id runner-up Melinda “The Back-up Singer” Doolittle and “9 to 5”’s Stephanie J. Block? Ok, you have our attention. Proceeds from the True Colors Cabaret will benefit LGBT nonprofits, and it all goes down at Feinstein’s at Loews Regency at 8:30PM.

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