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8/10: Bajah & the Dry-Eye Crew, Rosanne Cash…

…and a doc looks at how vanishing bees will change the planet



    8/10: Bajah & the Dry-Eye Crew, Rosanne Cash…
    TheMusic.FM/Flickr Creative Commons
    Bajah & the Dry-Eye Crew (seen here at Carnegie Hall) rock the 2nd Annual Hudson Square Music & Wine Festival.

    SQUARE DANCE: Hudson Square hosts its 2nd Annual Music & Wine Festival, rolling out the red carpet for exhilarating Sierra Leonese musical superstars Bajah & the Dry-Eye Crew—in case you missed them jamming with Talib Kweli and the Roots at Celebrate Brooklyn! or injecting some soul into Carnegie Hall (where they played the Philip Glass Tibet House benefit). We’d hit this show even if it wasn’t free, but it is, so you have ho excuse. 5PM. 

    BUZZY: Heard of Colony Collapse Disorder? It’s what scientists call the phenomenon that’s leaving beehives abandoned for reasons largely unexplained (cell phone waves? viruses? suburban sprawl?). May sound dry, but no bees = no plant pollination = no food. The fascinating doc Vanishing of the Bees looks into the problem that’s caused a full third of honeybee colonies in the U.S. and Europe to vanish. Part of the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s eco-focused Green Screens program. A Q&A with directors George Langworthy and Maryam Henein (and a reception) will follow the Walter Reade screening at 7PM. 

    DAUGHTER IN BLACK: It’s been a busy couple of years for Rosanne Cash. On the heels of her album The List, where she tackled the essential American songs her father Johnny Cash gave her to learn, she’s released a pulls-no-punches memoir, Composed.  She’ll discuss the book with Katherine Lanpher and give an intimate performance at the Barnes & Noble Union Square at7PM.  

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