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5/22-23: 4th Annual Dance Parade, New Amsterdam Taste-Fest…

…plus “Lost” on the eerie Frying Pan: perfect



    5/22-23: 4th Annual Dance Parade, New Amsterdam Taste-Fest…
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    The 4th Annual Dance Parade shimmy-shimmy-shakes on Saturday.

    EVERYBODY CUT FOOTLOOSE: What has eight thousand arms and legs and runs down Broadway? The 4th Annual New York City Dance Parade! Get ready to bust a move (or at least watch about 4,000 parade participants doing so) when the parade kicks off with more than 65 dance styles--ballet to Bulgarian, Capoeira to Contra, bellydance to ballroom dance, zydeco to zouk. Even roller disco. Saturday, 1PM. 

    LOCAVORACIOUS: Even if the City of Merchants street fair, a fundraiser for the New Amsterdam Market, wasn’t promising us a passel of locally-sourced delights like house cured ham and butter sandwiches from Marlow and Daughters or grilled cheese-and-kimchi sandwiches by Saxelby Cheesemongers and Mother-In-Law's Kimchi—plus cocktails infused with wild botanicals—the location would get us: It takes place in the 19th-century treasure that is the NY Marble Cemetery. Saturday, 2-6PM. 

    SEAWORTHY: There are plenty of last-ep-of-“Lost” viewing parties around town this Sunday, but the one that seems the most fitting to us takes place on the Frying Pan. A 1929 lightship that sank in the Chesapeake Bay, risen from the deep, and filled with rust and ghosts? Sounds like something right out of JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot labs. If that’s not enough, apparently the ship will be masquerading as the Black Rock from the show. Sunday, 7PM.

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