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3/24: Wine-Soaked History, Bourbon Bash…

…and Slick Rick leads a crop of hip-hop legends



    3/24: Wine-Soaked History, Bourbon Bash…
    Learn about how wine has influenced the history of genius at 92Yribeca.


    GRAPE MINDS: Everyone suspects the very best ideas are shaken loose by liquor, but once you can take a 92Y class on something, it becomes official: Wine Drinking for Inspired Thinking: Uncork Your Creative Juices is led by Michael Gelb, author of the bestselling “How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci” (da Vinci? Total boozer), who’ll take you on a “wine-soaked journey through the history of genius.” 92Y Tribeca,6:30PM. 

    BEAT THIS: Amy Winehouse doesn’t namecheck just any 1980s rapper in her songs – and Slick Rick proves why he’s a powerhouse of musical influence at tonight’s Hip-Hop Legends Concert, where he leads a pack of pioneers like Diamond D and Sadat X. B.B. Kings,9PM. 

    TALKDERBY TO ME:If you think March is too early to be thinking about the Kentucky Derby, you clearly didn’t go the Bell House’s Derby bash back in early January. Make up for to by swilling the dark stuff at tonight’s pre-Derby Bourbon Bash at Mason Dixon, where Buffalo Trace Distillery will be pouring mint juleps and bourbon flights – after which you totally won’t barf on the mechanical bull. 9PM.

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