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1/29: “Evil Dead” Uncut at Midnight

Plus, party with gangsters and molls and a Burning Man cofounder



    1/29: “Evil Dead” Uncut at Midnight
    New Line Cinema

    THE HORROR: When first-time actor and director Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi hooked up to birth “The Evil Dead,” little did they know the film would hold such a sacred place in the popcult pantheon nearly 30 years later. See the director’s print (!) of the uncut version (!!) at a midnight screening at the Sunshine, tonight and tomorrow. 12AM. 

    GIVE IT UP: At Collective Hardware, Evolver hosts a night of philosophy, booze and dancing headlined by Burning Man co-founder Larry Harvey. He’ll lead the assembled in thinky discussion on the topic of giving, and how society might move away from filthy lucre and towards a gift-based model. Deep! 7PM.  

    HEART OF NOIRNESS: The always-inspired crew behind the Dances of Vice parties mines the shadowy world of noir for Kriminaltango. Channel the dangerous ladies or hunted, haunted men of the gangster canon and head to Galapagos for sketchy burlesque mentertainments, “crime jazz” by the Ja Ja Jas, tango demos and more. 10PM.

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