12/26-27: The Origami Tree, “The Muppet Movie”… - NBC New York

12/26-27: The Origami Tree, “The Muppet Movie”…

…and it’s your last chance to hop the MTA’s Nostalgia Train until next year



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    The Origami Tree at the American Museum of Natural History.

    PAPER MOON: More than 1000 paper ornaments festoon the Origami Tree -– now in its 30th year of tradition –- at the American Museum of Natural History. 2009’s theme is the animal alphabet, so the tree features creased critters whose names start with A through Z. We heart science. On view through Sunday, January 3, in the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall. Saturday and Sunday, 10AM-9:45PM.

    ALL ABOARD: This Sunday is last call for catching a ride from another era: The MTA retires its holidays-only subway cars and buses from the 1930s-70s until (one hopes) next year, part of the Nostalgia Train program. All weekend, times vary.

    LOVERS, DREAMERS, AND ME: The magic of “The Muppet Movie” lives on: If your heart’s not snagged by the sight of Kermit, strumming his banjo on a lilypad to “Rainbow Connection”, you may want to look into borrowing that doohickey that showed how  the Grinch’s ticker was two sizes too small. Symphony Space, Saturday and Sunday, schedule varies.

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