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10/12: Paranormal Activity

Enjoy your insomnia! Plus, Kylie, and burlesque + The Last Supper = ?



    10/12: Paranormal Activity
    Paranormal Activity
    "Paranormal Activity" screens at the Walter Reade's Scary Movies 3 Fest.

    NIGHTWATCHERS: Kicking off tonight (and running through October 22) at the Walter Reade is Scary Movies 3, a horror-lover’s cinematic smorgasbord – and anchoring the 18-movie fest is tonight’s screening of “Paranormal Activity,” Oren Peli’s petrifying low-budget tale of a couple who begin to suspect demonic doings in their bedroom at night. “Blair Witch” comparisons inevitable! Pants-crapping guaranteed! 7PM.

    BEST FOR ‘LAST’: Allow us to break down the Wau Wau Sisters’ Last Supper for you: The Wau Waus are a pair of cheerfully lowbrow burlesque performers who do things like play twangy honky-tonk gee-tar while contorting into impossible positions. And in tonight’s spectacle, they’re going to recount the Last Supper – the last meal Jesus shared with his twelve apostles and disciples in the Gospels, ICYMI – in burlesque. Any questions? Galapagos, 9PM.

    PINT CLASS: Wee-statured popstar Kylie Minogue enjoys Madonna-level status the world over – she’s the highest-paid performer on record, commanding $2.1 million for a 45-minute set at a bash in Dubai last year. Yet in the U.S., she mostly enjoys a fervent gay following and royalties from the use of her “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” in commercials. She’s going to prove you wrong, all of you, at Hammerstein Ballroom tonight, in the second of three live dates. 8PM.

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