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You Lost Me at Hhhhhhello

Are you kiss worthy or risky?



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    When it comes to bad breath, you don't want your first hello to be your last.

    Do I look fat in this? How old do you think I am? Does my breath stink? Never ask another human being any of these questions. Never. Uh-unh. No exceptions.
    But what if you need to know? For items one and two, consult your closest mirror.

    But when it comes to bad breath, the breathing into your hand trick just doesn't cut it. With the the annual smoochfest (aka Valentine's Day) approaching, you don't want your first hello to be your last. Enter your new best friend: the Kiss-o-Meter.
    The Kiss-o-Meter is like a breathalyzer for bad breath. All you have to do is breathe into the little pocket-sized gadget to get your smoochability reading.
    The device reads the levels of sulfur compounds in your breath, which are the stinky by-products of your oral bacteria. Then it gives you one of five results from "Kiss Me" to "Never."
    All this lets you know exactly where you are on the kissability scale, without the embarrassment of consulting someone else and the shame of hearing an honest answer.
    If you're not looking to hook up with someone new, you're probably looking to get busy with someone old. Either way, it won't be pretty if you can't get past a first "hello."