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What to See (and Eat) at the NYC Food Film Fest

NYC food festival kicks off on June 13



    What to See (and Eat) at the NYC Food Film Fest
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    Matthew Beals' incisive marshmallow-chick documentary 'The Power of the Peep' is on the menu at the NYC Food Film Fest.

     The 3rd Annual NYC Food Film Fest -- unfolding from June 13 through 19 at the Astor Center and the Water Taxi Beaches of Long Island City and the South Street Seaport -- is an epic thing: 7 days, 25 films, and 15 recipes and foods pulled straight from the screen and served up (most of them free!) to hungry festival-goers, from ribeye cheesesteaks to the famous timpano turned out by Primo and Segundo in Big Night, one of the greatest food films of all time. (Take a peek at our video about the festival here.) If you can't gorge on the festival's full offerings, here -- from the NYCFFF organizers -- is our takeaway selection.

    Eat Your Fill
    Dir. Mark Irving - 13 min. website
    A man embarks on his annual mission to eat every menu item at the Wisconsin State Fair that is either deep-fried or on a stick. (Accompanying this screening will be a selection of deep fried stick bites.)
    Know Your Mushrooms
    Dir. Ron Mann - 73 mins. website
    The miraculous, near-secret world of fungi is revealed in Ron Mann's latest documentary. With an opening sequence (scored by the Flaming Lips) that will blow your mind. (You’ll get to sample – you guessed it – a mushroom tasting menu by Brad Farmerie.)
    Eat Or We Both Starve
    Dir. Joe York - 13 mins. website
    A portrait of a Mississippi catfish joint, Taylor Grocery.
    24 Hours, 24 Million Meals: Feeding NYC
    Dir. Ryszard Hunka - 45 mins. website
    A fascinating look behind the scenes at how New York City is fed. Features footage from Hunts Point Market and a truffle purchase by Daniel Boulud that resembles a drug deal.
    The Power of the Peep
    Dir. - Matthew Beals - 42 mins. website
    The story of the past, present, and future of a beloved marshmallow treat. (Served alongside: Peeps!)
    For more information about the screenings, tastings and other events of the 3rd Annual NYC Food Film Festival, head to the website: nycfoodfilmfestival.com.