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What You’re Doing Today: Turkey Day Edition

Turduckens, runners, storied soul food, and more



    How to Choose Your Organization for Giving Tuesday
    Run five miles, get some laughs, or just stuff your face around town this Thanksgiving.

    GOT SOUL?: Seeing as every day is pretty much like Thanksgiving at Harlem soul-food icon Sylvia's, you can guarantee they pull out all the stops on the day itself. 11AM-8PM.

    FUNNY BONE: Caroline's comes alive for its annual Thanksgiving Comedy Feast, with funnymen like Paul Mooney and Craig Robinson guaranteeing to make you feel good, post-turkey. 8PM.

    FRY ME TO THE MOON: Lots of restaurants will be serving Thanksgiving dinner today, but only one (that we know of) will be carving up both fried turkey (using that dunking-the-whole-bird-in-a-vat-of-bubbling-oil method that you always hear about, usually in conjunction with some story about 3rd-degree burns), and turducken, that Louisiana-lovin', multi-bird, culinary feat: NoNO Kitchen in Park Slope (that stands for North of New Orleans). Also, there'll be oyster and andouille sausage stuffing. 3PM-8PM.

    RUN, FATBOY, RUN: Before you stuff your piehole with, uh, pie, get thee to Brooklyn for the Prospect Park Track Club 5M Turkey Trot. It may involve you signing up before 8:30AM at Wollman Rink, but legging five miles through the lush landscape before breakfast will give you an excuse for third helpings later. 9AM.


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