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What You're Doing This Weekend 5/30-31

An Indonesian street-eats fair, Sam Raimi's new splatterfest, Grease on roller skates and more



    What You're Doing This Weekend 5/30-31
    Azmil77/Flickr Creative Commons 2.0
    Save your appetite for Sunday's Indonesian Food Bazaar.

    GORGING ON FLAVOR BEHIND A MOSQUE: Astoria's Indonesian Food Bazaar is an unpretentious affair. Most dishes are authentic Indonesian street-food classics -- spicy fried fish balls, pungent noodle soups, charred satay skewers -- and most are yours for about $3-5. Sunday, 10AM-4PM. Address/info here.

    GETTING YOUR PANTS SCARED OFF BY GYPSIES: We have nothing against director Sam Raimi's big-budget efforts -- somebody had to steer Spider-Man to franchise mega-success, after all -- but we like him best when he's serving up unapologetically campy horror, Evil Dead-style. Enter Drag Me to Hell, opening Friday. The plot involves diabolical gypsies, heartless bankers (timely!), and… really, who cares? What matters is that you'll laugh, you'll scream, and you'll get your $11 worth of summer moviegoing fun.

    GOING BACK TO RYDELL HIGH - ON ROLLERSKATES: Haven't you always wanted to go to a Grease-themed dance-a-thon, on roller skates, in Coney Island? This is what puts the "dream" into Dreamland Rink, people. Dress like the Pink Lady or T-Bird of your choice. Or -- if you're really ballsy -- pull a Cha-Cha Di Gregorio. (She is the best dancer at St. Bernadette's.) Saturday, 8PM.

    SUPPING, NEO-KRAUT-STYLE: The long-awaited, incessantly buzzed-about debut of the full Germanically-inclined menu at Prime Meats is (omg!) here. We have but one thing to say: You must. Order. The pretzel dumplings.

    DISCOVERING NEW ART: More than 80 artists throw open their studio doors and give you a peek at their creative process and current works-in-progress all weekend as part of the Brooklyn Open Studio Weekend in Carroll Gardens and Red Hook. Download the tour map, stroll the 'hood, get enlightened. All weekend, times vary.