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Week in Review: Are You Professional?



    Week in Review: Are You Professional?

    It's the question that's on everyone's mind! Here's Vulture's handy guide to determining who was professional this week and who wasn't:

    -- Bruce Springsteen's crotch, for we dare not insult it
    -- Will Ferrell, for saving Broadway with You're Welcome America
    -- Lil Wayne, for justifying his weed intake to Katie Couric, dropping a new track, and rattling off a top-ten list on Letterman, all in one week
    -- Drew Barrymore, for being able to turn just about anything into a hit romantic comedy

    -- Jessica Biel, for agreeing to host the Oscars for Nerds
    -- YouTube users Revolucian and Jeffreycoy, for bringing it with their respective Christian Bale remixes
    -- Jean-Claude Van Damme, for his unfalliable integrity
    -- Robert Downey Jr., for doing 10 bazillion sit-ups per day
    -- Oasis, for making an excellent music video that restores our faith in the medium
    -- Stephen King, for telling it like it is
    -- Harry Knowles, for taking a righteous stand against gossip!
    -- Julie White, for telling us secrets about Transformers 2
    -- Jessica Tohn, for surviving both the American Idol auditions AND a Uwe Boll movie

    Not Professional:
    -- Christian Bale, for reasons that are obvs
    -- Interscope Records, for not supporting Axl Rose (at least according to him)
    -- Land of the Lost
    -- James Lipton, for his reenactment of Christian Bale's freak-out
    -- Joaquin Phoenix, for his dubious efforts as a hip-hop-star-freestyler
    -- Etta James, for unnecessarily slagging Beyonce
    -- Ticketmaster, for messing with the Boss
    -- The guys who stole the screenplay for Blart
    -- Whoever's hawking the late Florence Klotz's Emmy

    Professionals Who Want You to Think They're Not Professional:
    -- The College Humor guys

    Professionalness to Be Determined:
    -- The new, much-debated Animal Collective record
    -- The possibly homeless folks at DreamWorks
    -- MacGruber, for re-branding himself Pepsuber

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