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Unmissable Things: The Ultimate 'Gossip Girl' Summit 2.0

This Saturday, the greatest minds of our time tackle the cultural importance of the teen drama everyone loves to hate.



    Unmissable Things: The Ultimate 'Gossip Girl' Summit 2.0
    Chad Buchanan/Getty Images
    Gossip Girl gets a lively cultural dissection Saturday at the Peoples' Improv Theater.

    So honestly, what did you have planned for tomorrow? Elizabeth Peyton at the New Museum? Snore. Lining up around the block for a crack at Irving Mill's porkstravaganza? Feh. Allow us to point you towards a better way to spend your Saturday: the Ultimate Gossip Girl Summit.

    Because you probably missed the first iteration of this culturally important happening (what, we're wrong?) you can't afford to miss this one. Topics of discussion are being kept under tight wraps, but we imagine they'll include the Death of Teen Accountability, Parenting While Rich, the Politics of Drunk-Texting, a Geo-Economic Analysis of DUMBO vs. the UES, and Breaking the Fourth Wall: Offscreen Romances of Onscreen Couples. A lofty panel of cultural commentators and professional wiseasses from the New York literary, media, and comedy scenes (including staffers from Time Out New York and Gawker) will be on hand at the Flatiron's Peoples Improv Theater to grapple with the myraid ways in which GG threads the zeitgeist needle. Be there or move back to Nebraska! 154 W. 29th St., 2nd floor, 212-563-7488; tickets here.