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UWSider Suing Over Neighbor's Yappy Dogs

Woman wants $500k for lost sleep, frazzled nerves over noisy Chihuahuas



    Breakfast of Champions
    Paulette Taylor says she was bedridden for a full week because her neighbor's Chihuahuas wouldn't stop barking.

    Think you're stressed? Poor Upper West Side resident Paulette Taylor can't sleep because her downstairs neighbor "incites" his Chihuahuas to yap and whine around the clock! Or so she suspects, anyway -- so she's suing the neighbor for half a million dollars, we learned today via Gothamist. Because of the Chihuahuas' barking -- which Taylor claims is "constant, continuous and incessant" (somebody got a thesaurus for Christmas!) -- she was "bedridden for nearly one week," and is seeking some sort of canine restraining order. (Isn't that called a muzzle?)