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Talking Points 11/24

Sarkozy sans culottes in Central Park, Spitzer's non-tell-all, and more notables from around the NYC web this morning



    Talking Points 11/24
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    President Sarkozy gave a Central Park briefing, says Liz Smith.

    • Disgraced gub Eliot Spitzer's writing a book! He's going to lay out in black and white the "root causes of the mistakes that have brought us to the economic precipice," for all - especially Prez-Elect Obama -- to learn from. 'Cause that's totally what everyone wants to hear Spitzer talk about.
    • Lord & Taylor unveils its holiday windows. The theme? Cozy Christmas wonderland, all plum pudings and carolers, likely designed to conjure up a case of the warm fuzzies and make us all feel a bit less like Scrooge's underpaid, cold, miserable staffers.