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Super Bowl Ads: $100,000 a Second

Who watches the Super Bowl for the game any more?



    Super Bowl Ads: $100,000 a Second
    Monsters vs. Aliens
    Grab your 3-D specs! The Super Bowl will feature a 90-second three dimensional commercial for the animated flick "Monsters vs. Aliens".

    Sure, there's the football. And some hoopla over the Half Time show. Cheerleaders, of course. And cool camera shots. But doesn't the game really just get in the way of the commercials?

    At $3 million for a 30-second spot, that shakes out to $100,000 a second.

    Given the price tag that's as hefty as Jessica Simpson, companies pull out all the stops not only in the commercials, bult also in building buzz around them.

    Among the anticipated:

    • A 90-second 3D ad for the movie "Monsters vs. Aliens"
    • The star of 'Transporter' stars in a 60-second Audi commercial
    • An Anheiser-Busch ad featuring Conan O'Brien
    •'s Danica Patrick ad (that passed the censors)

    Which ones are you excited about?

    Head back here during the game to check out our coverage and chime in on the best ads below.

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