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Which Chefs Are Your Facebook Friends?

Let's take a look at the A-list of FB, shall we?



    Which Chefs Are Your Facebook Friends?

    Back when we first exposed the chefs of Facebook at the end of 2007, they were mostly anonymous kitchen toilers. Now, since fine-dining restaurants have their own fan pages, their high-profile chef-owners have bowed to the mighty social network, friending publicists, food writers, the cyberghost of James Beard, and even critics left and right (Danyelle Freeman and Scott Conant? Tsk tsk). Of course, Twitter is also blowing up (among others, Adam Platt just started tweeting), but before we move on to the next big thing, let's take a look at the A-list of FB, shall we? (Note: If a name isn't linked, it's because the chef has a private profile.)

    Marco Maccioni
    Eighties Movie That Defines Him: Say Anything
    Friends with: Mauro Maccioni, Christophe Bellanca (BLT Group), Adam Perry Lang (Daisy Mays)

    William Tigertt, owner of Freemans
    Sample status: William finds Michael Jackson's version of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" slightly creepy.
    Freemans: Tuan Bui (An Choi), Luigi Comandatore (Lulu and Bread), Taavo Somer

    David Arnold, Director of Culinary Technology, French Culinary Institute
    Sample status: David is moonshining.
    Friends: Don Lee (PDT), Gavin Kaysen (Cafe Boulud, Lee Ann Wong (Top Chef)

    Franklin Becker, chef at Abe & Arthur's
    Sample status: Franklin is drafting menus and writing recipes.
    Friends: Stanton Social), Doug Akin (The Charles), STK, Marcel Vigneron (Top Chef)

    Nikki Castone, chef and co-owner of 24 Prince, contestant on Top Chef: Season Four
    Sample status: Nikki … Chik-Fil-A, here I come!
    Friends: Spotted Pig), Rocco Ancarola (Pink Elephant), Lisa Fernandes (Top Chef), Radhika Desai (TC), Jamie Lauren (TC), Josie Smith-Malave (TC)

    Marco Canora, chef-owner of Hearth and Insieme
    Sample comment: Graceful?????wowwww....dont think anyone has ever called me that before,must be all those years of ballet lessons...
    Friends: Scott Conant, Karen DeMasco (Craft), Daniel Humm (Eleven Madison Park)

    Cesare Casella, chef-owner of Salumeria Rosi
    Sample status: Cesare is starting a bean diet!
    Steve Connaughton, Daisy Martinez, Doug Psaltis (Smith's), Fabio Trabocchi (ex-Fiamma)

    John DeLucie
    Member of: Tisserie Soho, Almond NYC, Lassi Restaurant
    Friends: Ariane Duarte (Top Chef), Cobi Levy (The Charles), Missy Robbins (A Voce), Brooke Smy (Chloe 81)

    Scott Conant, chef-owner of Scarpetta
    Sample status: Scott is eating at 8 oz. in Miami Beach
    Friends: Ted Allen (Chopped), Sam Talbot (Top Chef), Danyelle Freeman

    Johnny Iuzzini, pastry chef at Jean Georges
    Member of: Johnny Iuzzini Fan Club
    Friends: Sam Mason (Tailor), Aaron Sanchez (Paladar) Boqueria)

    Paul Liebrandt, chef-owner Corton.
    Friends: Andrew D'Ambrosi (Top Chef), (10 Downing), Joel Antunes (ex-Oak Room), Eric Hara (Oak Room), King Phojanakong (Kuma Inn)

    Jimmy Bradley, owner of Red Cat
    Sample status: Jimmy Bradley asks you to join the harrison group.
    Friends: Amanda Freitag (the Harrison), Tim Love (ex-Lonesome Dove), Ed Witt (ex-Bloomingdale Road)

    Sarma Melngailis, owner of Pure Food and Wine
    Sample status: Just got a pre-opening massage at the bar from our bartender/sommelier extraordinaire Joey. So good! Going to sleep w my new pink teddybear in a purple tinkerbell shirt made for me by Camy. My bed is a zoo.
    Friends: Rocco Dispirito, Ilan Hall, Brian Bistrong (Braeburn)

    Michael White
    Sample comment: Hey I just saw this piece about Facebook on 60mins so I thought I would give it a try..... MW
    Friends: Floyd Cardoz (Tabla), Christopher Lee (Aureole), Bill Telepan (Telepan)

    Waldy Malouf, chef-owner of the Beacon
    Sample activity: Waldy completed the quiz HOW FREAKY ARE YOU? with the result You are A Sexual God/Goddess.
    Friends: Sean Robert Chudoba (Ayza), Scott Linquist (Dos Caminos), Garrett Oliver (Brooklyn Brewery), Kerry Simon (ex-Spotlight Live)

    Kerry Heffernan, chef at South Gate
    Sample status: Kerry is Happy that [Clinton] Bill liked the food enough at South Gate to ask for moreFriends: Ariane Daguin (D'Artagnan), Ted Allen, Joey Campanaro (the little owl)

    Jacques Torres, owner of Jacques Torres Chocolate
    Interests: Fishing, fishing, and more fishing.
    Friends: Camille Becerra (Top Chef), Matthew Kenney (FreeFoods, Lee Anne Wong (Top Chef)

    Ivy Stark, executive chef at Dos Caminos
    Sample updates: Ivy is love my furry crocs and  Ivy is teaching my prep cook to knit
    Friends: Nicole Kaplan, Patricia Williams (District), Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez (Lassi)

    Carlos A. Suarez, owner of Bobo
    Member of: Che Guevara was a murderer and your t-shirt is not cool
    Friends: Michael Citarella (Los Dados), Patrick Connolly (Bobo)

    Georges Mendes, chef-owner, Aldea
    Status: George just made a pimped out version of arroz con pollo.
    Friends: Richard Blais, Scott Conant, Seamus Mullen

    Seamus Mullen, Chef-parter of Boqueria and Suba
    Sample Status: Seamus is coffee and George Harrison all the morning long
    Friends: Tyler Florence, Jason Neroni, Sam Talbot

    Pichet Ong, chef-owner, P*ong
    Pichet is getting duck & noodles at noodle town.
    Friends: Paula Deen, Hung Huynh, Stephanie Izard, Sara Jenkins, Jonathan Waxman, Danny Abrams (Mermaid Inn)

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