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Snubbed "Daily Show" Fan On Rampage

Canadian Stewart-lover blogs her pain on HuffPo



    Snubbed "Daily Show" Fan On Rampage
    Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Comedy Central
    A Daily Show fan is mad about getting turned away from Stewart's Election Night Special.

    Hell hath no fury like a Jon Stewart fan scorned. A Canadian Jon Stewart fan? Well, that's like bitter times infinity, because while we have the charismatic Barack Obama, with his blackness and his dancing on Ellen and his straight-faced puppy talk, they have Stephen Harper, a conservative hockey fan (aren't they all?) who looks like he wants to sell you this beautiful 1996 Oldsmobile. In other words, you can't blame Canucks for projecting all their little hopes and dreams southward, feeling like no-one gets them in Winnipeg or Medicine Hat.

    So we read with sadness the tale of Sharilyn Johnson, a woman who has traveled from Toronto to New York City to attend Daily Show tapings so many times, she's on a first-name basis with "Teri" and "Jessica" from the audience department. Yet when she flew down last week for the Daily Show's Election Night Special, she waited in line and watched as seats filled with VIPs… and then the unthinkable happened: She was turned away at the door. (Only about 21 or so folks got in. Johnson was No. 40 out of about 250.)

    How could this happen?! She reserved her tickets 7 months ago! And she's the biggest fan ever! And she took vacation days from her job, booked a hotel, and traveled FROM TORONTO (that's a 52-minute flight!)! Gawker excerpts Johnson's emotional HuffPo screed about the incident, and here are some context-free highlights: "I am owed," "robbed of an experience," "emotionally empty," and our favorite - sorry, favourite - "How do I stand outside under that awning again?"

    Poor Sharilyn wound up watching the returns in a dive on 11th Ave., sucking on a can of Bud Light. In classic Canadian fashion, she followed all the rules, and got screwed anyway.