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"That's Gold, Jerry!" Seinfeld's Roots Traced to Ellis Island

The first Seinfeld arrived on U.S. soil in 1903



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    Before he was king of the Upper West Side, Seinfeld's kin arrives as immigrants at Ellis Island.

    Perhaps no one embodies New York like Jerry Seinfeld, and it turns out, the city is in his blood.

    The comedian’s paternal grandfather, a 15-year-old tailor from Austria, arrived by himself, penniless, at Ellis Island in 1903.

    The New York Times and the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation traced the path of Seinfeld's family through passenger manifests, census records and naturalization papers. The foundation is giving Jerry Seinfeld a family heritage award on May 19.
    After arriving by sea, Simon Seinfeld met up with an uncle who lived on Orchard Street on the Lower East Side. Eventually he became a fish vendor and moved to the Borough Park section of Brooklyn.
    Seinfeld's 100-year-old aunt, who arrived on another boat into New York Harbor as a baby, will attend the award ceremony.