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Say Happy Valentine's Day the Rachel Maddow Way

Our new favorite thing: Send a free, hilarious, Maddow-themed valentine to your favorite political-news junkie



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    Viva Rachel Maddow e-cards: Send one to someone you like to have fiesty political debates with.

    We know people love MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, but sometimes we don't realize just quite how much.

    Someone over at free e-card site Cerebral Itch must have a major Maddow crush, because they've created more than a dozen Viva Rachel Maddow e-cards that play swoony tribute to the lovable power-pundit. Rachel as cupid! Rachel offering you a threesome! And perhaps our favorite, the valentine that reads "I love you like a lesbian loves the Constitution." Until someone answers our prayers with a line of Jon Stewart e-valentines, we're going to send these adorable WeeMee-looking e-Maddows to our loved ones.