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Renaming McCarren Pool After A Corrupt Corporation



    Renaming McCarren Pool After A Corrupt Corporation
    courtesy McCarren Park
    McCarren Pool back in its hey day.

    Earlier this month, the Parks Department announced that the names for several parks, including the McCarren Pool, were for sale. A group calling themselves Pool Aid has started a petition to stop the sale. McCarren Park, originally named Greenpoint Park, has held the name of Patrick Henry McCarren -- a powerful, if controversial, Brooklyn Democrat, infamous for his questionable ties to the Rockefeller’s Oil Company and for thwarting Tammany’s plans to appoint William Randolph Hearst as governor -- since his death in 1909. Robert Moses built the actual pool thirty years later.

    The pool was closed in 1984 and was vacant until 2006 when, thanks to a sizeable donation by Clear Channel, it began hosting concerts, the last of which took place in August of 2008. The pool is now under construction to become a pool again, the name of which is worth $2-$5 million and the shows have found a new home at the East River Park.

    Hipsters are a sentimental group, but you have to admit that in keeping with the spirit of our times, changing the name from a corrupt politician to that of a corrupt corporation does make some sense.