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Peregrine Falcon Webcam Jackpot

Four new eyases for Water Street



    Peregrine Falcon Webcam Jackpot
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    Falcon chicks, like this three-week-old one seen in Boston, are nesting in the Financial District.

    While Pale Male and Lola may have an empty nest up near Central Park again this year, things are looking up downtown.

    Overlooking the East River, the live nestcam at 55 Water Street reveals that four peregrine falcons have emerged in the past week.

    The building's falcon news page was updated Monday:

    Great news!!! As you can see our expected eyases have arrived. Eyases are nestling or young falcons. The first eyas arrived Tuesday, the second one Wednesday night, the third one arrived yesterday morning, and the fourth this morning. As you can see, they are doing well. Stay tuned to watch our new additions grow to be beautiful falcons. We will keep you posted as to when they will be ready to be banded by the DEP.

    The four eyases are still in their nest at the 14th floor of the 54-story building at 55 Water Street. See NewYorkology for a screengrab of the webcam from last week, when only one of the little guys had arrived.