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People Getting On Your Nerves? Take a Class

Let's face it, people are annoying (other people, that is -- you're perfect, of course). Pick up methods for dealing with them at an actual class on the subject.



    People Getting On Your Nerves? Take a Class
    Bluetoothers: Just one annoying subset of people you'll learn to deal with at 92YTribeca's seminar.

    Maybe it's your cab driver, the one who rolls his eyes when you give him a Brooklyn address. Maybe it's your downstairs neighbor, who'll crank her TV volume to 100 at 3AM but then gives you attitude for "walking heavy."

    Whatever your daily interpersonal challenges -- and in a sardine tin like New York City, how can you avoid them? -- you could probably use a primer on keeping your cool, getting some perspective, and generally dealing with (irritating) others in such a way that doesn't have you dreaming of revenge or reaching for the Xanax. 92Y Tribeca presents a seminar on how to "Enjoy Difficult People - Including Yourself" (we're not sure what that last part is about - we're perfect, and we're sure you are too), where Brooklyn Nonviolent Communication founder Dian Killian will teach you some foolproof methods of interpersonal relating that'll make you the zennest thing going.

    Enjoy Difficult People - Including Yourself
    6/2, 12-1:30PM
    92YTribeca, 200 Hudson Street at Canal Street
    (212) 601-1000
    More Info and Tickets: Website