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Peer at Medical Curiosities of the Past

The world's largest collection of medical artifacts is now online - and it's not for the faint of heart.



    Peer at Medical Curiosities of the Past
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    Get an eyeful of antique glass eyes, one of the nearly 2,500 artifacts from medical history online at the U.K.'s Science Museum website.

    You no longer have to trek to Philadelphia's Mutter Museum to gawk at modern medicine's unusual artifacts: London's Science Museum has just launched the world's largest online exhibit of medical curiosities.

    The Daily Mail profiles the new Brought To Life: Exploring the History of Medicine exhibit, complete with a sampling of snapshots that aren't for the faint of heart. Glass eyes, wax heads, experimental brain scan helmets, antique drugs, and prosthetics galore (including a leg made from discarded airplane parts) are just a few of the 2,500 artifacts on virtual display. (There's also something that looks like a bear trap that was supposedly used "to prevent masturbation," but you'll just have to look into that one yourself.)

    The museum is planning to grow its number of artifacts to 4,000 over the next two years.