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Our List of Lists, 2008: Movies Edition

Most notable cameos, best nude scenes, and more



    Under the Tucson Sun
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    Daniel Craig in Quantum Of Solace: Veddy stylish.

    1. The Most (and Least) Stylish Movie Characters of 2008 - The name's Bond. James "It's Savile Row, and Don't You Forget It" Bond.
    2. Stephen King's 10 Favorite Movies of '08 -- In which the horrormeister has a man-crush on Samuel L. Jackson.
    3. Top 20 Celebrity Nude Scenes of 2008 - From Amy Adams to Maria Bello to Jenna Jameson (though does it even count when she gets naked?)
    4. 10 Breakout Stars of 2008 - Starting with that guy from Twilight who looks like Jason Priestley on Atkins.
    5. 8 Best Movie Cameos of 2008 - Oh, Neil Patrick Harris, must you be awesome in everything?
    6. Best Foreign Films of 2008 - Roger Ebert speaks the truth, y'all.