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Oscar Bleacher People Beware: Remember Your Parkas



    Oscar Bleacher People Beware: Remember Your Parkas
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    Bleachers getting prepped for the 300 or so Oscar fans who got tix through the online lottery last fall. Lucky!

    Sunday doesn't look all golden, sun-drenched Calfornia-y like it should on Oscar Day -- the California tourism office must always bum a little, and we get that. But it's the weather, what can you do? Our thoughts go not to the stars, reporters, gadflies and various run-around-y employees of the Academy, who will surely be under plastic cover, but to the adoring fans who will gather for a chance to behold the flashing bulbs and smiles along the red carpet.

    Some 300 screaming fans ("Brad! Kate! Meryl!") nabbed seats last fall through an online lottery, beating out some 20,000 others, give or take, all vying for a spot among those sacred metal seats. We can only imagine the 300 have been crowing about their good fortune for the last several months -- perhaps practicing speeches thanking the Academy. No offense meant, we surely would have had custom t-shirts made with "I'm Going to the Oscars!" and worn them everywhere to make friends and family supremely jealous.

    So sure, the bleacherians may get damp and drizzled-upon, but when that tuxedo'ed mega star turns around and does the finger-gun point with wink and cute smile in their general direction, will bearing the chilly temps be worth it? We think yes. Dare we say nothing will dampen their spirits? We dare.

    After all, not everyone gets to settle his or her little behind on a small stretch of cold bleacher. Those 300 have just got to feel extremely lucky, rain or no.