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New David Archuleta Album Predictably Terrific



    New David Archuleta Album Predictably Terrific
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    David Archuleta's album drops on Tuesday, November 11.

    David Archuleta, David Archuleta

    Official Release Date: November 11

    The Verdict: We know, we know — David Archuleta's album won't be in stores until next Tuesday. And we swore we'd wait until we could pick up a copy on heavyweight vinyl and listen to it through a decent reference-grade stereo system, the way that God intended. But, last night, someone sent us a link and, well, we couldn't stop ourselves. So how is it? Excellent, as expected!

    Unlike the music of a certain baldness-afflicted American Idol winner from Blue Springs, Mississippi, who appeared as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this past weekend (we think you know who we're talking about), Archuleta's songs aren't pitchy, angsty meditations on his own grumpy depression — they're happy, life-affirming pop songs, mostly about hand holding, selflessly sung in the second-person (eleven of the twelve tracks are about "YOU"), all with big exploding choruses. When lead single "Crush" first dropped, evenhaters were forced to admit it was an earworm, and there are at least five other songs just as catchy (so far we like "A Little Too Not Over You" and "Barriers" the best). We can't really envision any circumstances under which David Archuleta won't be a massive, chart-killing success. Top this one, Cook.

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