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New York Classics: Timboo's Bar

Lost City explores this South Slope watering hole and gets misty for old New York



    New York Classics: Timboo's Bar
    Lost City
    Timboo's in Park Slope: Does it get any divier than this? And who was Timboo, anyway?

    Still giddy from this week's news that the Holland Bar - midtown gin-tank extraordinaire - has reopened, we were happy to see one of our favorite blogs feature one of our other favorite dives: Timboo's, on a corner of the South Slope's Fifth Avenue stretch just south of 9th Street, which Lost City profiled yesterday.

    Visitor beware: This patch of Park Slope is swimming with bars that look divey (see: Commonwealth, Royale -- both notable, but both new; they just worked hard at acquiring the dive aesthetic), but only a few are true cesspools of drunken humanity lit by buzzing neon. And Timboo's definitely qualifies. The bar's been around since 1969 (when this slice of Park Slope did not have Mommy & Me yoga or letterpress ateliers) and it feels like it. From the Elvis memorabilia to the Beatles collage, Lost City lovingly catalogs what makes this place worthy of your patronage, if only so it won't disappear.