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New Dora the Explorer Too Sexy?

Hey, the lovable tomboy had to grow up sometime. But lip gloss? And a miniskirt?



    New Dora the Explorer Too Sexy?
    Dora the Explorer in her old and new incarnations.

    After 10 years of stunted growth, Dora the Explorer, the iconic cartoon tot beloved by little girls nationwide -- and their parents, who praise her for being a smart, non-girly role model for young females -- is turning into a tween girl. And those very same Moms and Dads are experiencing some serious growing pains.

    Nickelodeon and Mattel have unveiled only the silhouette of the new Dora, who'll debut this fall, but the contours reveal some substantial changes. Gone is the tomboy with the rough-and-tumble mien. Dora's choppy mop has been replaced with flowing locks, her tee-and-shorts combo has given way to a miniskirt, and those decidedly kiddie mary-janes are long gone. Dora wears pointy ballet shoes now.

    It's a makeover in keeping with the character's new life. According to the New York Daily News, "tweenage Dora will live in the big city, attend middle school and have a new wardrobe and accessories." Including lip gloss, reports CNN.