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Flight Delays Could Lead to Soaring Romance



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    Next time your flight is grounded don't fret, love could be in the air.

    The holidays are meant to bring us together with family and friends. More often than not, the holidays bring us together with strangers in an airport terminal. So why not make the best of it? Next time your flight is delayed, instead of groaning try making a connection with the hottie next to you.

    A recent survey, sponsored by Axe and Sperling's Best Places and conducted by StrategyOne Research ranks the best and worst airports for starting a potentially soaring romance.

    Top-ten best airports for finding love:
    1. Philadelphia Int'l
    2. Newark Int'l
    3. John F. Kennedy Int'l (New York, NY)
    4. Washington-Dulles Int'l
    5. LaGuardia Int'l (New York, NY)
    6. Port Columbus Int'l (OH)
    7. Detroit Metropolitan
    8. Logan Int'l (Boston, MA)
    9. Dallas/Ft. Worth Int'l
    10. San Francisco Int'l