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Manhattan Gets Public Prayer Booths

Phone-booth look-alikes in Midtown meant to spark public prayer



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    Public prayer booths went up in Manhattan yesterday.

    If you took the Roosevelt Island tram today, you probably saw a pair of blue phone booths near the Manhattan-side platform. Except they're not phone booths (really, who needs those anymore?), they're prayer booths.

    NY1 reports that a School of Visual Arts grad from Kansas City named Dylan Mortimer created them as an art project, and they're meant to spark public prayer (praying, perhaps, that the tram doesn't break down like it did last year, leaving folks dangling over the water, cursing the realtor who convinced them Roosevelt Island was the only place left to get a true real estate bargain?). The booths have handy instructions and a flip-down kneeling attachment, and they'll be up until December 7.