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Make Friends, Plant a Tree



    Make Friends, Plant a Tree
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    If a tree grows in the rain forest, did somebody just join

    You probably won't see something like Facebook's "25 Random Things About Me" on

    That's because the social networking site for the environmentally friendly is less about its members and more about what's going on around them.

    The Irvine-based company, which launched the site late last year, will plant a tree in a rain forest with each new registrant. It's part of Greenwala's Million Tree Challenge.

    Rajeev Kapur, the site's founder, said he wants to reach that goal by the end of the year.

    Once registered, members can do many of the same things they'd do on other social networks -- share images and video, and post comments, blogs and links -- with a goal of bringing together green-minded people.